October 19, 2021

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Business & Economics

 Summit of Solutions Business & Economics Department

 Aims and Objectives

The aim and objectives of the S.O.S Economics Department is as follows:

  1. To create wealth for the individual and the collective.
  2. Build institutions that will serve our needs. 
  3. Manufacturing Companies – We will manufacture several products such as beverages, clothes and furniture that will be based nationally and in Africa – this is essential for the creation of jobs.
  4. Health Clinics – We will build and manage the health clinics and insure that the patients receive excellent care and treatments. We intend to operate several clinics nationally and in Africa.
  5. Supporting existing supplementary schools to enable them to move to the next level in fulfilling their goals and objectives.


Our priorities will be on the two key institutions (i.e manufacturing and health care clinics).

We will achieve our aims and objectives by working with an international grocery online business and offering the following opportunities:

  • Online Investment

A member of the team has invested with this established and successful company and is doing extremely well. This company offers 250% return on investments.

  • Property Investment

Two members of the department are members of this property group that offers services that will enable the individual or team to have a vast property portfolio.

  • BusinessTraining 

The SOS Economic Department will be collaborating with a company that offers business training. The plan is to organise business and financial training for members by delivering webinars and learning programmes. A continuous programme of updating our technical, scientific and business skills is crucial for our community if we are to embrace and adapt to the technological changes in society and strengthen our businesses and projects. How often have we engaged in lockdown learning online during lockdown by attending webinars and short online training? Do we record our training on a quarterly basis and share our learning with our children, family and friends?

  • The SOS Economic Department would encourage members to be facilitators, tutors and apply our skills to create groups of consultants in specialist and technical areas. We can create service businesses and collaborate with each other. A person with admin experience can set up a virtual assistant business and work with a web designer, marketing expert and accountant. As a result, four skilled people can work together, find clients through a network and generate income over period of time. Therefore, our businesses create employment. This programme is not a quick rich scheme but requires consistent hard work, dedication, setting goals and monitoring performance with support of experienced mentors and trainers. If you are interested in joining the programme, contact the SOS website email.

Collaborations and Partnership building

In 2019 the SOS Economic group was busy networking establishing strategic contacts especially in the midlands to help achieve the Summit of Solutions Economic Department aims and objectives.

Working with business partners, world-wide, in a collaborative way, we believe, is the way forward for our community to thrive economically and in a sustained way, collectively and individually. 

Collaborative working, from a global perspective, will be key to our economic world-wide success and that perspective should underline everything we do.

The benefits of collaboration includes:

  • Being part of, and fulfilling, a wider vision (globally) for our people to be economically independent
  • Raises the profile of Summit of Solution and its business partners across the world
  • The pooling of resources (UK and globally) increases capacity
  • Spreading of business and economic risks (with business partners) will help minimise any unexpected changes in circumstances 
  • Opportunities for Group investment across the world
  • Opportunities for Individual investment across the world
  • Sharing of knowledge and skills
  • Global Networking opportunities 
  • Building up business and financial literacy
  • Business mentoring

We would welcome your suggestions on other credible business partners we could team up with and your reasons for putting them forward.