October 19, 2021

The eyes and ears of afrikans beyond afrika

2021 UK Gov Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities Report

Every now and then the uk goverment commissions a report which on the surface looks like it is addressing the issues faced by the minority africans and asians on the land , now there have been many many reports commissioned by the various uk goverments over the years trying to give the minorities on the land the impresson that something is being done to solve the small elephant in the room issue, which gose by the name institutional raceism.

This is a 258 page report and is the latest installement at trying to address the issue termed by the insitution itself which is called institutional raceism. Take a look at this report for yourself and make your own mind up whether this report is addressing the issues we face not as an minority group which we as africans always get lumped into but as indivdual groups, dose this report address us specifically as african poeple. Read The report yourself here