October 19, 2021

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Tanzania’s health ministry rejects plans to accept covid vaccines

Tanzania’s health ministry this week announced it has no plans to accept Covid-19 vaccines, maintaining that the eastern African nation does not have the virus. However, Tanzanians speaking to friends and family say that a number of people have died from the virus.

“The sources we’ve been talking to say some of their colleagues and family members have passed on because of Covid-19, but this week they are saying that talking about Covid in Tanzania is a taboo,” RFI Kiswahili service editor Emmanuel Makundi tells Africa Calling podcast.

He says that their sources are reporting a spike in deaths, but neither the government nor the families are officially confirming it was due to coronavirus.

“Although we know that the first Vice President of Zanzibar, Maalim Seif Sherif Hamad, has contracted Covid and is receiving treatment in the hospital, so it’s a real thing,” he adds.