October 19, 2021

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Israeli Population Now the World’s Lab Rats Sold Out to Pfizer

Pregnant Israeli women have not been informed that the vaccine is experimental. Neither are they aware that they are being consigned – like rabbits – in a massive medical experiment without their informed consent.

Pfizer, the company to whom the Prime Minister and officials of the Department of Health entrusted to test its experimental vaccine on the entire population of Israel, is an unscrupulous business corporation with an extensive Rap Sheet compiled by Corporate Research Project.[xvii]

Pfizer’s track record is filled with cases in which it was accused of misleading regulators and the public about the safety of its products.

One of the most notorious cases of criminal human rights violations involved Pfizer’s unapproved clinical trial conducted in Nigeria.

Pfizer enrolled 200 children to test its new, experimental antibiotic drug Trovan, deceiving parents by falsely claiming that it was an approved therapy for meningitis.

In fact, Pfizer sought to obtain data so that their drug could get an FDA approval; a process that should have taken at least a whole year (or longer) was rushed through in six weeks — much like the testing process for its Covid-19 vaccine was rushed. Read on….